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Welcome to FORDERBAND,

We are the 'NUMBER 1' choice for any company looking for conveyors with the lowest profile in the industry. FORDERBAND conveyors offer a unique and innovative design and are made of the highest quality material with precision craftsmanship outperforming and outlasting the competition.

Our conveyors handle the highest payload compared to their size and are the most economical solution for all your material handling needs.

Every FORDERBAND conveyor is designed and built to protect the environment. All materials used are recyclable and our motors use only 24 volts DC.
New! ML-Series

Ideally suited for high-production and accumulation applications
Quick-Change™ Drive Cartridge
Providing the highest production uptimes;
saving money
ML-Series, 4 individually controlled belts.
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Space-Saver™ Conveyor (120 mm  x 762 mm Long)